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"The functional program, as much as I hated some of the conditioning that was in there, was what I needed to change my body from its normal lifting routines and get out of my comfort zones. I was happier to hit the gym and excited to complete the cardio parts. I can't stop sharing enough with others how beneficial this program and this team is."

Travis Terry
Blue Springs, MO

"What is mindblowing for me is that I was able to hit all the weights whilst losing so much body fat and seeing the scale move constantly. Normally my strength takes a hit but I think the functional and endurance training made up for it!"

Pauyee Lim

"Week 2 of the athlete program and LOVING it!! Learning the mechanics of the snatch to get more comfortable at higher weights."

Jenni Laferriere
Johnsbury, VT

"My favorite was seeing results! This sounds cliché but results mean everything especially for anyone trying an online program. Going into it you know that you can possibly see awesome results from this but to see them first hand really excited me."

Christian Loya
Roy, UT

"It's a great way of challenging your self both physically and mentally. I would definitely do it again because the results are amazing. Looking at the photos I can't believe it has only three weeks between them."

Linnea Bergkvist

"Overall, this program has been a game changer to surpassing my limits! Thank you Fitness Culture team for guiding and helping me smash my goals! Keep doing great things y’all! "

John Luis Gonzalez
Santa Ana, CA

yielding and overcoming isometrics to help bust through that dreaded plateau. So if you're stuck, and looking to take your lifts to the next level, give these three techniques a try over the next few weeks.

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