How to Use Floor Press in Your Next Upper Body Training Day

There are some real benefits to incorporating the floor press in your next upper body day. To experience all these benefits, download our floor press workout today.


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Why incorporate floor press?

Floor press allows you to do partial reps and a press from the static position, which takes chest rebound out of the equation. This leads to our second point, that floor press will help develop your tricep strength.

By removing the leg drive that is present in the standard bench press, the stress falls onto the chest and triceps. Combine that with heavy loads, and your triceps will develop massive strength gains and mass.

Lastly, floor press as a partial movement eliminates the tearing of muscle tissue in the shoulders and chest, allowing you to recover for your next barbell bench press day.

To experience all these benefits, download our floor press workout today. Our workout will let you see how we set up an upper body day with floor press as a featured movement. After the floor press, we'll show you what accessory movements we do that will develop your upper body strength.


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