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Bentonville, AR

"I had ENORMOUS strength gains in the gym. My flexibility increased with the mobility exercises as well. On top of that, my anaerobic and aerobic threshold increased doing the HIIT training with the fluctuation of rep schemes from week to week. "


Western MA

"This challenge revolutionized my perspective on what I can achieve with my body. Being a part of the Summer Sizzle 2.0 led to me learning a ton about training, nutrition, and mental fortitude. With a focus on the end goal, I pushed myself through seemingly insurmountable barriers in the gym and kitchen."


Omaha, NE

"I would highly recommend this challenge to anyone who is seeking improvement into not just their physical appearance their overall health and well-being as Fitness Culture provides all the tools to help you get there! Really an excellent program with excellent benefits all around!"

experience why we love German Volume Training in our programs.

The German Volume Training Protocol (made popular by Charles Poliquin) is a time tested method for packing on size and has laid the foundation for massive strength gains for our clients over the past 4 years.

This protocol calls for 10 sets of 10 reps of two movements performed as an antagonist superset. For our upper body example below we’ve chosen to pair Bench Press with Chest Supported Row.  percentage of your 1 Rep max during a training session.

Your goal during this session is to stay on the clock and maintain the tempo the entire time. If you start to fatigue and can’t complete all 10 reps, just rack the weight and begin your rest between movements. No forced reps are allowed and do not sacrifice the tempo to push out more reps.


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