Increase Your Back Squat With This Progression

Maximize your squat potential and bust through your squat plateau with this progression.


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Bentonville, AR

"I had ENORMOUS strength gains in the gym. My flexibility increased with the mobility exercises as well. On top of that, my anaerobic and aerobic threshold increased doing the HIIT training with the fluctuation of rep schemes from week to week. "


Western MA

"This challenge revolutionized my perspective on what I can achieve with my body. Being a part of the Summer Sizzle 2.0 led to me learning a ton about training, nutrition, and mental fortitude. With a focus on the end goal, I pushed myself through seemingly insurmountable barriers in the gym and kitchen."


Omaha, NE

"I would highly recommend this challenge to anyone who is seeking improvement into not just their physical appearance their overall health and well-being as Fitness Culture provides all the tools to help you get there! Really an excellent program with excellent benefits all around!"

Trouble Overcoming a Back Squat Plateau

It can make you feel weak and make you check your ego regularly. On the other hand, no other lift shows results as much as consistent squatting.

But squatting is hard. Plain and simple. Your knees hurt. You've had a previous back injury. Or maybe you've hit a plateau you just can't seem to breakthrough. There are a thousand excuses to stop squatting. And if you're done squatting, who are we to stop you?

However, if you want to break through those squat plateaus and conquer those mental blocks, this progression will help you.


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